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To have or to be? Both!

You’re sitting at the roulette table. Just like Dostoyevsky’s gambler, Marlene Dietrich and so many others before you. Your chips are dwindling. You take a deep breath: put everything on the 17. And you win: heaps and heaps of money. Fabulous! You go straight into town, buy Fabergé eggs, silk scarves and a pair of unique handmade shoes. You pause to refresh yourself with a pear and champagne sorbet, and then the hunt continues: here a Picasso, there a rare fragrance. Why not a classic car, a pretty little English roadster? Or gifts! Gifts, gifts, gifts for all your friends! You’re astounded: your wallet remains as full as ever.

Baden-Badens Shopping world

For all fashionistas, shopping fans and crafts enthusiasts - Those who saunter along the bustling pedestrian precinct, amble down Baden-Baden’s fashion boulevard – the Sophienstraße or Lichtentaler Straße, view the small shops in the Kurhaus colonnade or search for something unusual in the Bäderviertel area (thermal baths quarter) or the Altstadt (old town), will be taken aback by the incredible depth in quality in the numerous boutiques, specialist shops and shopping arcades, and the fact that all this is on offer in such a small area and in such a lavish way.