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Tourist Information Office Baden-Baden | Center

Tourist information


Follow the "i" signs...

... and you will reach our tourist information centers!

Tourist Information Office Baden-Baden | City entrance

Tourist information


On Monday 08.11. the Tourist-Information will be open at 12:30pm

Follow the "i" signs...

... and you will reach our tourist information centers!

Ticketservice Kurhaus Kolonnaden

Ticket office


Ticketservice Kurhaus Kolonnaden

Did you know?

Things to know about Baden-Baden

What you always wanted to know about the smallest cosmopolitan city in the world...

Yes  ♡ it's stunning!

Baden-Baden is Europe’s hidden gem, an unforgettable city where wellness meets world-class gastronomy and opulent nightlife.

Located on the foothills of Germany's beautiful Black Forest, the area was founded 2,000 years ago by the Romans who built the first set of baths here.
Here are the springs, the spas, the nature, here people live in hotels that are second to none - and meet in the casino for a game.

Over the centuries, a magical place has emerged that offers relaxation and stimulation in the most diverse ways.

In July 2021, the city of Baden-Baden was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the other cities of the "Great Spa Towns of Europe".

The rose novelty competition in Baden-Baden is considered one of the most important in Europe. The novelty garden on the Beutig can even compete with the renowned test gardens in Paris, Rome and St. Albans in England.

Every summer, Baden-Baden is in for "rosy times". At the International Rose Novelty Competition, enthusiasts, breeders and judges meet to choose the most beautiful of all roses.

Baden-Baden has around 56,000 inhabitants* on an area of 140.2 km².

61.8 % of the total area consists of forest. This makes the spa town the largest municipal forest owner in Germany.

In addition, Baden-Baden has the third largest wine-growing area in Baden-Württemberg and around 500 km of hiking trails.

*As of 31.12.2020

Baden-Baden is famous for its thermal baths, Germany's largest opera house and concert hall, magnificent parks and gardens, as well as the Kurhaus and the world-famous Casino.

The Baden-Baden Christmas market is also famous. It is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany and offers its visitors a winter fairytale of a special kind.

Baden-Baden was founded here by the Romans over 2000 years ago. The Roman settlement was called Aquae in Latin because of its healing springs, which stands for spring or bath.

In the Middle Ages, the town was simply called Baden.

To differentiate it from towns of the same name (Baden in Switzerland and Baden near Vienna), the double name Baden-Baden was already used in the 16th century. But it is only since 1931 that Baden-Baden has been the official name of the now world-famous spa town.

The Oos, also called Oosbach, is a river in the northern Black Forest and in the Upper Rhine Valley. It flows through Baden-Baden and joins the Murg near Rastatt after 25 kilometres.

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