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How do you say »lifestyle« in German?

Sights & Attractions in Baden-Baden

BADEN-BADEN IS VIBRANTLY ALIVE - THE PULSE OF THE CONTEMPORARY CAN BE FELT EVERYWHERE: its Museum Mile exhibits up-and-coming artists alongside the works of both old and contemporary masters; the SWR 3 New Pop Festival brings international stars to the city; the Festival Hall hosts the world’s leading orchestras; new and renowned hotels, restaurants and shops set new standards of excellence for the region – and far beyond. Baden-Baden has always had an air of cultured sophistication, but nowadays it offers a lifestyle that can genuinely be described as cutting-edge.


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A living masterpiece.

Promenades become stages, nature the backdrop. Much has already been written about lush and green Baden-Baden, set in the foothills of the Black Forest, about the vivid contrast between the wild terrain of those mythical German woodlands and the spa town’s Mediterranean cypresses, palms and lemon trees. You’ve already heard plenty about Baden-Baden’s impressive avenues, picturesque views and healing waters.


Plenty of unspoilt nature, a slow-paced city, lots of relaxation, and some exercise. Delightful impressions, delicious food for the senses, enjoyable experiences, heavenly idleness!