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Hiking info-board

Welcome to the Zimmerplatz trailhead

Welcome to Baden-Baden’s municipal recreational forest and to the North/Central Black Forest area of outstanding beauty (“Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord”). The hikers‘ car park at Zimmerplatz is an ideal starting point for the walk up to Yburg castle. Isolated domed mountains such as Yberg and Iberst with their steep slopes are typical features in the local landscape here. Walkers will often come across rocky outcrops where the attractive pink stone that has created these hills is visible – the volcanic rock called quartz-porphyry. Particularly nice examples are to be found along the section of path called “Felsenweg” between Lache and Yburg, and around Yburg castle itself. Given the steepness of the terrain, forest was the only viable land-use, meaning that walkers are treated to extensive tracts of forest on the routes here. But on closer inspection you will notice huge variety in the pristine forests. On the warm south-facing slopes you’ll find sessile oak forest, on rocky terrain Norway maple and lime. The ravine forests contain colourful sycamore and are also home to specimens of the rare wych elm.

The gentle walk around Geroldsau offers a completely different picture. The Panoramaweg, the panoramic trail, takes you around the Geroldsau valley on a path that runs along the tree line halfway up the valley sides. From several spots you have lovely views of Geroldsau, nestling among the meadow orchards.

Suggested routes from Zimmerplatz trailhead

To Malschbach and back: 4 km, total ascent 110 m: Zimmerplatz – Malschbach – Zimmerplatz.

To Yburg castle via Lache and back: 11 km, total ascent 350 m: Zimmerplatz – Jahnhütte (shelter) – Lachehütte (shelter) – Yburg (castle at summit) – Lachehütte (shelter) – Zimmerplatz.

On the “Panoramaweg” panoramic trail around the Geroldsau valley: 12.5 km, total ascent 250 m: Zimmerplatz – Ibach (stream) – Geroldsauer Mühle (restaurant and shops) – Übelsbachtal (valley) – Schatzbühl (path) – Grobbach Brücke (bridge) – Malschbach (village) – Zimmerplatz. There is a restaurant at Geroldsauer Mühle.

Yburg Castle route

Loop tour | easy

 7.40 km  3:00 h  411 m  408 m
Recreation for all in Baden-Baden’s municipal forest

Covering an area of 7,500 hectares, Baden-Baden’s municipal forest is one of Germany’s biggest areas of publicly-owned forest and is first and foremost intended as a place of recreation for visitors to it. The goal of ensuring that you enjoy your time here and of preserving the forest for future generations can only be achieved if we show consideration for each other‘s needs and respect the plants and animals living here.

We therefore ask you not to leave the paths and to keep your dogs on a lead. We ask mountain-bikers to only use tracks which are at least two meters wide, or the specially designated mountain-bike trails. Please ride carefully.

Along with your happy memories, please also take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Baden-Baden municipal council wishes you a pleasant and memorable visit.