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Sights & Attractions in Baden-Baden

Discover the spa town of Baden-Baden with its numerous sights and highlights.
We show you which attractions you should definitely get to know.
Our sights in a short & informative way:


Baden-Baden is famous for its thermal baths, Germany's largest opera house and concert hall, magnificent parks and gardens, as well as the Kurhaus and the world-famous Casino.

The Baden-Baden Christmas market is also famous. It is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany and offers its visitors a winter fairytale of a special kind.

Baden-Baden's top sights

Casino Baden-Baden

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"The most beautiful casino in the world", was how Marlene Dietrich described Germany's oldest casino. See for yourself, it's true what she said.

Kurhaus Baden-Baden

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Step into Baden-Baden’s Kurhaus and enjoy its unique  elegance of the Belle Epoque. Whether it’s a concert, a visit to the casino, a midnight dinner or an unforgettable ball night, the Kurhaus is the glittering center of Baden-Baden.

Lichtentaler Allee



What started life as a narrow track, bordering fields and pastures, is nowadays a world famous park and a magnificent address for all nature lovers - a cause for celebration.

Merkur Mountain



Are you familiar with the God "Merkury" or maybe "Hermes" ?

Well, the panorama view from the summet of Baden-Badens beloved mountain "Merkur" most certainly feels divine.


Plenty of unspoilt nature, a slow-paced city, lots of relaxation, and some exercise. Delightful impressions, delicious food for the senses, enjoyable experiences, heavenly idleness!

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  • 1

    The Kurhaus

    Architectural masterpiece & the heart of Baden-Baden.

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  • 2

    The Trinkhalle (pump room)

    Baden-Baden's Pump Room, with its Corinthian pillars and striking murals.

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  • 3

    The Lichtentaler Allee

    The world famous park and a magnificent address for all nature lovers.

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  • 4

    The old Castle

    The impressive ruins of Hohenbaden Castle - above the rooftops of Baden-Baden.

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  • 5

    The Rose Society Garden (New Rose Garden)

    The Rose Novelty Garden on the Baden-Baden Beutig is one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Europe.

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