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Wine Region "Rebland"

The Wine Region Rebland

Grapevines as far as the eye can see, an imposing castle and a stately palace surrounded by rolling hills, breathtaking views and the endless spoils of the kitchen and cellar. Welcome to Rebland, Baden-Baden’s sun-drenched scenic terrace with enjoyment for all the senses!

Rebland – the region’s name is a reference to the vineyards that flourish there, producing an intensive holiday feeling. Sloping vineyards that seem to go on forever, quaint villages with traditional, cosy restaurants, a nice meal with a glass of Baden wine, unadulterated indulgence in a sea of green – all that is just a five-minute drive from the bustling spa and shopping town of Baden-Baden.

In the truly magical, culinary triangle of three wine villages – Varnhalt, Steinbach with Umweg, and the state-approved resort town of Neuweier – which together form Baden-Baden’s Rebland, you can indulge, dine and enjoy to your heart’s content.

With 325 hectares of cultivated vineyard, it’s one of Germany’s three largest self-contained viticulture and wine enjoyment regions. Incidentally, 80 per cent of this space is dedicated to Riesling, the king of white wines, also referred to as ‘Klingelberger’. Whether you’re a discerning gourmet or a wine-sipping connoisseur, you’ll enjoy the elegant local wines and delectable cuisine served at all of Rebland’s many traditional inns, cosy lounges and premium restaurants.

The culinary wine tastings offered in the rustic cellars of Rebland’s famous wineries also offer a full-bodied flavour experience. And if it tickles your fancy, you can take these delectable wines home with you: Riesling, Pinot Noir, Blanc and Gris, sparkling wines and fruit brandies are available directly from the wine-grower. And if you’re looking for something truly exceptional, we recommend stopping by Baden-Badener Winzergenossenschaft in Neuweier, which is known for having one of the largest rarity cellars in Baden.

Fascinating Figures

325 hectares ...

that’s the size of the enchanting “culinary triangle” – the wine-growing region bounded by the three villages of Varnhalt, Steinbach/Umweg and the state-certified health resort, Neuweier. The territory constitutes Baden-Baden’s “Rebland” and is one of Germany’s three largest self-contained viticulture and wine enjoyment regions.

Did you know...

... that the Rebland bottles the wine in "Bocksbeutel"? And this because the three winegrowers Varnhalt, Steinbach and Neuweier are the only winegrowing communities outside Franconia that have the right to do so? Incidentally, they got it from a Würzburg bishop in the 18th century.

... that the wine-growing region of Baden, with 15,600 hectares of vineyards, after all, the third largest wine-growing region in Germany, is the only one in Germany to the wine-growing zone B of the EU? In terms of quality, Baden wines can compete with comparable top regions such as Alsace, Champagne and the Loire Valley.