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Wellness in Baden-Baden
How do you say »vitality« in German?
Things to know

Thermal water is doing well!

Thermal water: a treat for irritated skin!

The healing effect of thermal water is not only evident in heart and circulatory problems, metabolic disorders or respiratory diseases: the healing power of our thermal springs promotes well-being and recovery and benefits your beauty.
The antibacterial effect soothes irritated skin, promotes blood circulation and improves oxygenation. The result: a rosy fresh skin.
Thermal water works best as a warm bath in the spa, but it is also found in many care products - and here it works wonders:

Refreshes the complexion
Thermal water refreshes and is a true moisturizer.

Relieves redness
The antibacterial effect works against pimples and redness of the skin. Rosacea also counteracts the calming effect.

Soothes the eye area
Moisten the closed eyelids with a spray of thermal water, this relaxes stressed eyes. In addition, it helps in hay fever, as it pollen from the open eyes.

Invigorates the skin
Trace elements of selenium and minerals such as potassium or zinc protect against radicals and relieve signs of aging.

Keep it cool
On the beach or lake, thermal water cools the skin after sunbathing and soothes sunburn or mild burns. It soothes irritated skin and cools mosquito bites. Tip: When your legs get tired from dancing, a splash of cool water makes you fit again - even through the tights.

Reduces itching
Thermal water has an anti-inflammatory effect through the contained selenium and strengthens the immune protection of the skin.

Fix the make-up
Make-up can be perfectly fixed with thermal water. Just spray it in the air and dip your face in the fog. As a refresher, it can also be sprayed on the make-up, so the complexion is no longer dry.

Stress-free luxury
A 25-minute bath in warm thermal water lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol and leads to deep relaxation.

You see - thermal water is a true relaxation phenomenon and an elixir of beauty!