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How do you say »summer« in German?
The sunny side of Baden-Baden

Summer in Baden-Baden

Everyone is lucky to spend the best time of the year in a city as diverse as Baden-Baden, where there is something special to experience every day. Here we give you our tips for a summer you will never forget.

Let yourself be inspired

BADEN-BADEN – The good-good life.

You wonder how such a tranquil little town like Baden-Baden can offer so much? The idea of finding so much in such a small area often seems surreal. But one thing is certain: Baden-Baden can do it. Within two and a half minutes you can discover the whole range of the Europe's summer capital.

Image Film Baden-Baden
Museums and exhibitions

#1 Art in all shapes and colours

For those who want to escape the unbearable heat on hot summer days, we recommend a visit in one of our air-conditioned museums. Let yourself be inspired by the unusual variety of art in Refik Anadol's "Digital Dreams" inside the Kurhaus!

Fantastic views

#2 The most beautiful spots for sunsets

Is there anything better than enjoying the sunset on a mild summer evening with a beautiful view? We will tell you our favourite spots in and around Baden-Baden the perfect end to a perfect day.

Old Castle


For all castle fanatics amongst you, the Hohenbaden Castle, built in 1102, and known locally as the Altes Schloss (Old Castle), is an absolute must!

Battert Rock


The "Battertfelsen" of Baden-Baden – a very special experience of nature.



The Florentine Hill in Baden-Baden - The place where you are expected to do nothing!



"Beautiful Living" in paradise

Positive Energies

#3 Nature experiences at its finest

Summer stands for joy and lust for life, because no other season makes us feel like summer does. Everything shines in rich green and even the roses spoil us with their bright colours and pleasant scents. And there is so much of both in Baden-Baden! 

Lichtentaler Allee


What started life as a narrow track, bordering fields and pastures, is nowadays a world famous park and a magnificent address for all nature lovers - a cause for celebration.

Rose Society Garden (New Rose Garden)


You do not yet know this very special flower dedicated to the powerful symbol of love?

Geroldsau Waterfall


In its own way, a modest and yet unique spectacle of nature in the midst of the dense woods of the Black Forest

Black Forest National Park


Walking in the wilds! The Black Forest National Park – get to know Baden-Württemberg’s wild side

You are looking for an accommodation?

Lovers of exuberant elegance, fans of sleek mid-century design, city dwellers looking for rural charm, families with wild or well-behaved children: all are warmly welcomed here. We’re here for you, to fulfil your every wish: we want to make your stay in Baden-Baden truly unforgettable.


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, accommodation for tourist purposes is still prohibited. Therefore, please inform yourself about the applicable regulations and whether you are allowed to be accommodated for the intended travel purpose during the specified booking period.

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