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Ivy - Hedera Helix

Ivy is an evergreen climbing shrub with two differently shaped leaves. They are diamond-shaped on flowering branches and three to five lobed on non-flowering branches. 

During the flowering period in autumn, many insects gather and find plenty of pollen and nectar. The berries ripen over the winter. An important food source for migratory birds returning home. Ivy climbs up walls and facades. It does not need a climbing aid for this. It also climbs into trees, but is not a parasite and does not take nutrients or water from the tree. Ivy is an old medicinal plant. An extract from the leaves is currently used to treat coughs. The toxicity of ivy is better known today than its healing properties. All parts of the plant are poisonous, especially the berries. However, the risk of poisoning is low due to the unpleasant flavour.