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Panorama Trail Stage 2: Merkurbergbahn to Forellenhof

Talstation der Merkurbergbahn – Eckhöfe – Marienkapelle – Streuobstwiesen – Forellenhof

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Premium Wanderweg   Ascent   Distance
medium 220 m 8.6 km
Starting point of the tour

Merkurbergbahn Talstation
Merkuriusberg 2
76530 Baden-Baden

Destination of the tour

Gaisbach 91
76534 Baden-Baden

Long before the "Black Forest Clinic" with Professor Brinkmann in the leading role revived the myths of the Black Forest, it was already a mini-series filmed in Baden-Baden that achieved cult status in 1965: "Der Forellenhof" (The Trout Farm) with wonderful stories from the life of the Buchner hotelier family. In the leading roles: Hans Söhnker and Jane Tilden.

This second stage of the Baden-Baden Panorama Trail takes you from the holy mountain of the Roman God Mercury through a wonderful landscape with a wide variety of viewing scenarios, to the almost forgotten television gods of the early 70s – a wonderfully subtle cultural stage into the good old days...

The second stage begins at the valley station of the historic, newly restored Merkur Funicular Railway which can be easily reached with the bus lines 204 and 205 or by car. A free parking space is available.

The stage is quite short at 8.6 kilometres, so a trip up to the viewing summit by funicular is a worthwhile option. The Merkurstüble restaurant offers hot and aromatic coffee combined with a wonderful view all over the city and its surroundings. Those who prefer to stay on the ground can enjoy a refreshment inside the Waldcafé at the foot of Baden-Baden's local mountain – what a delightful start...

And the enjoyment is still going on: Strengthened, you continue towards the "Häslichmatte", a sun-kissed sunbathing lawn in the middle of the forest. Here, the panoramic path slightly goes towards the wildlife reserve, and then – passing the historic corner courtyards – the sun-drenched Eck Hill offers magnificent views of Baden-Baden and its famous spiritual centre: the Lichtenthal Monastery.

A short detour to the Marienkapelle (St. Mary's Chapel) is a must, as here forests, sunny vineyards and a wonderful view meet each other – perfect for taking a break.

Picturesque views of the monastery and Baden-Baden's rural district Oberbeuern, passages over idyllic orchard meadows and extensive grasslands lovingly tended by sheep and highland cattles, as well as multi-faceted mixed forests now dominate the next few kilometres in constant change.

It is a pleasant walk in the midst of an exciting cultural landscape – which finds its stage end at the ponds of the former TV cult site "Forellenhof". The Waldhotel of the same name invites you to stay and enjoy its gastronomic offerings.


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