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Lynx trail

The Lynx lynx, which is the scientific name for the Eurasian lynx, is making a comeback!

Difficulty Fitness Beauty Popularity

Wanderung   Distance   Duration
easy 4 km 4 h
Starting point of the tour

The trail starts at the car park in Schwarzwaldhochstrasse (B500) near Hotel Plättig or at Schlosshotel Bühlerhöhe, where the Wildnispfad hiking trail also begins. From Baden-Baden, the 245 regional bus line (Mummelsee) provides service to the highlands several times a day (Bühlerhöhe/Plättig bus stop).

Destination of the tour

The Lynx trail is a circuit trail.

More and more evidence has been found, accompanied by the occasional spotting of individual animals. However, it may still be several years before the population in the Black Forest is strong enough to survive on a permanent basis. A lynx’s territory comprises up to 100 km2 – with its large continuous woodland areas, the Northern Black Forest is a suitable habitat for the timid wild cats. NABU Baden-Württemberg (the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) and the town of Baden-Baden have initiated the first German lynx trail.
Opened in July 2009, the adventure trail leads through woodlands in which lynxes would feel right at home. The 4 km trail is a great nature experience for everyone who enjoys hiking, and appeals to families with children in particular, thanks to the fun entrance and the entertaining route.

The trail motto is ‘Prowl, observe and prick up your ears’. Accompanied by the lynx, with long, black tufts of hair on its ears, the trail winds its way round rocks and crosses narrow bridges – inside Baden-Baden’s woodlands. 20 interactive stations make the lynx trail an exciting experience with something for all the senses: children can observe, listen, prowl, leap and guess, whilst adults can enjoy the largely unspoiled nature, read the information boards with their short and simple texts, and help children with the quiz. Highlights include telescopes with a view of potential prey, an ear trumpet with animal noises and a long and high jump facility.

The lynx trail is narrow and occasionally rocky. We estimate that the approximately 4 km route will take around four hours, including a break. The trail requires a certain degree of physical fitness and good shoes, and is not suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.