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Schloss Neuweier

Already since the 12th century, grape varieties of the noblest kind thrive here on our steep slopes steeped in "Mauerberg" and "Schloßberg". In particular, the Riesling matures here to a wine that is one of the preferred national and international priorities.

The vineyards near Baden-Baden have been offering wines of the highest quality for centuries, and monasteries and manors have made sure of that. And such a manor, the lower Schloß Neuweier, has brought the Bocksbeutel to Neuweier. As early as 1615, the two families of Elz and Knebel von Katzenellenbogen inherited the castle and goods of the Dalbergs in Neuweier.

The following lords of the castle promoted viticulture in the same way as the great ancestors. Since 1869, the Baden-Baden family August Rößler was in possession of the lower castle and its wineries. They made the situation Mauerberg a celebrity and of course also filled it in Bocksbeutel.

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