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Mummelsee lake

Sometimes shrouded in mist, always shrouded in mystery!

Legendary lake inhabited by the King of the Lake and his mermaids

According to legend, when you see the Mummelsee lake at an altitude of 1,036 metres in the daylight, you’d never suspect what actually goes on here at night under the light of the full moon. Whilst during the day pedalos peacefully skim the surface of the water and visitors stroll through the attractive landscape, the famous Mummelsee King and his mermaids come out to play in the moonlight at night.

‘Black shadows on the surface of the water. Its shores resemble the banks of the Lethe, desolate and isolated … not a sound disturbs the eternal silence, save for the melancholy gurgle of the spring deep down in the valley. The black surface of the water never stirs; on it the yellow water lily opens its wide petals. Here dwells contemplation, melancholy and poetry.’

That’s how Alois Schreiber, one of the first hikers to explore the Black Forest, described Mummelsee 165 years ago. And the lake must have been so desolate and isolated for quite some time after it first came into being during the last ice age 10,000 years ago, when the glacier ice carved out the circular basin. Mummelsee owes its name to the white water lily, called ‘Mummeln’ in the local dialect, which was once widespread here. You can still experience the eternal silence in the evening, in the night and in the morning. The rest of the time, lots of people flock to the lake. Berghotel Mummelsee was built on the shores of Mummelsee a hundred years ago and, up until just after World War I, could only be accessed by foot. With the construction of the Schwarzwaldhochstrasse in 1930, the famous lake with its cosy mountain hotel developed into one of the Black Forest’s most popular tourist destinations.

Today, a visit to Mummelsee offers a whole host of experiences and attractions. In addition to enjoying the scenic attractions and stunning, idyllic landscape surrounding the lake, you can also hire pedalos, marvel at works of art by modern artists along an art trail, or take a short hike to the nearby Hornisgrinde summit. An accessible path round the lake also offers people with limited mobility and families with pushchairs the opportunity to go for a stroll. Along the way, you’ll come across the beautiful mermaid in bronze and her song of love. You can find information below.

Located just off Schwarzwaldhochstrasse (B500) between Ruhestein and Unterstmatt, Mummelsee is just the right excursion for sunny spring and summer days. Incidentally, Mummelsee is one of the seven remaining cirque lakes in the Black Forest, which originated during the last ice age. With a circumference of 800 m, a depth of 17 m and an elevation of 1,036 m, Mummelsee is the largest, deepest and highest of the seven cirque lakes.

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