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Hiking info-board

Welcome to the Grünbachtal trailhead

Welcome to Baden-Baden’s municipal recreational forest and to the North/Central Black Forest area of outstanding beauty (“Naturpark Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord”). The mountain peaks on the western edges of the Black Forest offer spectacular and contrasting panoramas. In one direction you have the sweeping view across the Rhine plain to the mountains west of the Rhine. On a clear day you can see the countless towns and villages spread across the plain as well as the course of the Rhine. One particularly impressive landmark is the tower of Strasbourg cathedral. You’ll often get a view of the complete western flank of the Rhine Valley, from Grand Ballon, the highest peak in the Vosges Mountains, in the south, to Kalmit, the highest mountain in the Palatinate Forest, in the north. In another direction, you can enjoy views of Baden-Baden’s outlying villages located at the foot of the Black Forest hills, Neuweier, Varnhalt and Steinbach nestling prettily among the vineyards on the valley sides. To the east the views are of the dense Black Forest, a stark contrast to the sun-drenched Rhine plain.

From the Grünbachtal trailhead you can reach two of the nicest vantage points in the area, Fremersberg and Yburg, both involving a steep ascent to reach the top.

A less strenuous path is the circular route around Varnhalt, which leads you all the way around the wine-growing village without ever straying too far from it, or alternatively the Feigenwäldchen and Sonnenberg vineyard loop. These scenic walks are especially delightful when the almond trees are blossoming in spring or during the wine-harvest with autumnal colours everywhere. And why not bring along a bag to collect chestnuts?

Suggested routes from the Grünbachtal trailhead

To the summit of Fremersberg: 7 km, total ascent 330 m, path is steep and stony in parts on descent. There is a restaurant at the summit.

Route via Korbmattfelsen (rock outcrop), Batscharihütte (shelter) to Yburg castle: 14 km, total ascent 530 m, a beautiful walk through woodland, much of it along narrow paths with fantastic views along the way. The route includes some steep ascents and descents on stony paths. Detailed route: Fischteiche Grünbachtal (fishponds in the Grünbach valley) – Entenstall – Hirschbrünnele (natural spring) – Korbmattfelsen (rock outcrop) – Batscharihütte (shelter) – Lache – Yburg (summit with castle) – Schütthalde – Nägelsforst (vineyard) – Nellele (shelter and barbecue area) – Fischteiche Grünbachtal (fishponds in the Grünbach valley). There are restaurants in Yburg castle and at Nägelsforst vineyard (seasonal opening times).

Rund um Varnhalt, circular route around Varnhalt: 9 km, total ascent 150 m, easy.

Weinschleife Feigenwäldchen–Sonnenberg, vineyard loop: 8.5 km, total ascent 220 m: This route takes in fantastic views and famous vineyard slopes. Route: Fischteiche Grünbachtal (fishponds in the Grünbach valley) – Entenstall – Klostergut Fremersberg (former monastic farm) – Ebenung – Eckbosch - Nellele (shelter and barbecue area) – Fischteiche Grünbachtal (fishponds in the Grünbach valley) – Grünbachtal.

Long-distance walking on the Ortenauer Weinpfad – the Ortenau Wine Trail

The Ortenau Wine Trail (Ortenauer Weinpfad) is a long-distance trail starting in Gernsbach and taking in Baden-Baden, Oberkirch, Offenburg and Gengenbach before reaching its end point, Diersburg. From Grünbachtal it takes you to Baden-Baden heading north. If you head south, it takes you via Varnhalt, Neuweier and Bühlertal to Neusatz.

Korbmattfelsen circular path

Loop tour | easy

 3.80 km  1:30 h

Rebland-Tour: Um die Yburg

| medium

 12.30 km  3:10 h  353 m  230 m
Recreation for all in Baden-Baden’s municipal forest

Covering an area of 7,500 hectares, Baden-Baden’s municipal forest is one of Germany’s biggest areas of publicly-owned forest and is first and foremost intended as a place of recreation for visitors to it. The goal of ensuring that you enjoy your time here and of preserving the forest for future generations can only be achieved if we show consideration for each other‘s needs and respect the plants and animals living here.

We therefore ask you not to leave the paths and to keep your dogs on a lead. We ask mountain-bikers to only use tracks which are at least two meters wide, or the specially designated mountain-bike trails. Please ride carefully.

Along with your happy memories, please also take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Baden-Baden municipal council wishes you a pleasant and memorable visit.