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Stadtansicht Baden-Baden mit Spiegelung

Baden-Baden The good-good life.


Great anticipation

In 2021, the European culture and lifestyle capital has many events in store for you. At any time of year, indoors or outdoors, young or old: there is something for everyone.

29.01. - 26.06.2022

Margaret und Christine Wertheim | Value and transformation of corals

Art exhibition

Museum Frieder Burda

Coral reefs around the world are being destroyed by global warming. In response to this environmental tragedy, artist sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim have created a special work: Their crocheted coral reefs represent a room-sized simulation of colours and shapes inspired by Australia's Great Barrier Reef.


World Heritage Day Baden-Baden

Ceremonial act

Kurgarten vor dem Kurhaus

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Baden-Baden in all its fullness? Never better than at the World Heritage Day, where the whole town celebrates its great history with a special experience day.


Baden-Baden Summer Nights

City festival

Kurgarten vor dem Kurhaus

The summer party in the Kurgarten

08. - 10.07.2022

International Vintage Car Meeting

Street festival

Vintage cars await you at the international vintage car meeting. A vibrant open-air museum of automotive history with vintage cars from more than 100 years.

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